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I thought I'd write a small review of my experience so far, this game deserves higher praise in my opinion.

The story is pretty simple at face value,
(from the wiki)
The game is set in a world where no sin is forgotten. Players take on the role of Harkyn, a convicted criminal whose sins are visible on his face, in the form of runes. The world's rulers are working to banish all evil from humans; it is unclear what exactly this might mean for someone like Harkyn. When an army of long-defeated gods attacks the human realm, Harkyn is released from prison with a chance at redemption. Along with his mentor, Kaslo, the journey to stop the attacks leads to Rhogar, another dimension inhabited by demons. Players can form alliances as they progress, combat enemies of ever-increasing difficulty, and eventually travel to the heart of the demonic realm, in an effort to achieve forgiveness for the anti-hero, Harkyn.

Gameplay and difficulty--
The First thing EVERYONE will mention is that Lords has used pretty much the entire gameplay mechanics of Dark Souls, it's true, they have, and for good reason, "IT WORKS!", the strategic combat, dodging attacks, maneuvering behind an enemy to stab him in the back with a brutal execution, or simply firing rifeballs at his face, those mechanics are all there and it is a joy to perform.

: The difficulty curve of the game is definately a challenge, but its quite manageable with careful strategies, (hit and block, hit and dodge) if you have Dark Souls experience you will most likely find the game a bit easier than some, but even with my extensive DS experience I still find the game challenging,
The enemies can kill you very quickly if you go into copmbat unprepared, a bad choice in when to strike an enemy can mean life and death in Lords, and that's what makes the game so fun, it makes the victory all the more satisfactory,
But there is one issue some players may find at around the half way point, and that is how easy it is to become over-leveled,
My character is outclassing most of the standard enemies now, my level and gear has obviously helped, but it does feel like I'm too powerful, (the new game plus feature which intorduces increased difficulty may solve this)

Graphics--The gritty style and quality of the character designs and world are just as detailed as one would expect for a game inspired by Dark Souls, (it's like DS but next gen), and that's a good thing! but Lord's is still a new beast on it's own, it has it's own identity, the grandeous scope of the levels are beautiful to behold, and at some points of the game you will undoubtedly stop to take in the scenery...that's of course only untill you realize an enemy is now stabbing you in the back with a massive spear.
The dungeons and archetecture are semi-Dark Souls but the design of the entire game's world is much different and much more intricate than DS, speaking of intricate, that brings me onto the armor designs,

Shiny armor--
There's tones of loot to find in Lords, and many items are only found in secret areas, and there are many secret areas to find,
Im a huge fan of Armor design and that's why I design my own as well,
But here's some examples of Lord's armor sets, (I should upload some of my own screenshots but I'll suffice with these wiki links for now)

Living Legend Armor Set-…

Griffin Armor Set-…

The armor in-game looks amazing in detail, (more so than these screens can show) And in my adventure so far I've collected some trully ornate sets that are very inspiring, and the weapons and shields too are just as intricately designed, so if your a fan of beautiful or creepy looking weapons, sheilds and armor, then you will definately love the ones in Lords.

Technical issues--
Apparently this games been a bit of a mess for some players which seems to be mainly with the PC,
I'm playing on the Ps4 so I can't confirm or deny, but from my experience with the PS4 version, even before the patch I've found only minor bugs, but the game's general performance is mostly stable.
:A bit of screen tearing but nothing major.

:A few dips in framerate but also nothing major, I'm either lucky or I'm simply used to it.

:Sound issues, I noticed dioalogue sound went bye bye twice, I only noticed it when I picked up a journal and noticed there was no sound, and an npc wasn't speaking (restarting the game seems to fix the issue though).

+ Fun gameplay with enough challenge to keep you thinking on your feet (it doesn't punnish you unfairly).
+ Beautiful designs which keep you engrossed in the world.
+ Plenty of loot to collect and experiment with.
+ Brutal and fun magical spells to devastate your foes with.
+ Features a NEW GAME PLUS feature with increased diffculty, (I haven't tried this yet)

:The story delivery in Lords is pretty simple, (not that the story itself is bad) but the delivery could be better,
:Characters are forgettable, they could have worked more on making the characters stand out, and by adding more character interactions and meaningful choices with them they could be more interesting.
:Not enough gameplay mechanics to make it unique in comparison to it's obvious inspirations (Dark Souls) for exapmle.

In conclusion--
Lords is an excelent RPG with lots of attention to detail which adds to the games intiguing world,
The gameplay is solid and it's Dark Souls inspiration keeps the game's combat fun and familiar,
it's hampered by a few poor design choices but overall it's an enjoyable experience for any rpg fan.


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